Brain on the Run

Posted by Kathy Carmichael Friday, April 22, 2005 on 5:15 PM
Today I'm thinking about procrastination. So far, I've procrastinated finishing up the partial that my agent is breathlessly awaiting (yeah, right) by constantly checking email, by checking on other folks' blogs, by annoying my husband as much as possible while he takes a business call, and in general doing anything other than what I should be doing.

The reason for my procrastination? I'm doing major rewriting on the partial and it's hard to get the circularity of the updated concept in my head all at once. Right now I'm seeing bits and pieces rather than the whole. I'm nuts about my characters, about the set up, about how they relate to each other, but there's tons of other stuff going on. Basically, I'm grasp-impaired – KC



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